What to Expect

Initial consultations explore any areas of difficulty you may be experiencing.
The first session will establish and explore your goals and expectations in relation to your treatment. From there, your psychologist will help you develop a realistic plan in order to achieve those goals. In subsequent sessions your psychologist will be working with you to help develop strategies that will assist you in living your life happily and comfortably. Your progress towards your goals will be periodically reviewed to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit possible from your sessions.


  • Private General/Clinical Psychology Fee:
    $250-$280 Per Session (50-60mins)
    (Medicare Rebate $93.35 – $137.05 with a Mental Health Care Plan)
  • Low Income General/Clinical Psychology Fee:
    $180 Per Session (50-60mins)
    (Medicare Rebate $93.35 – $137.05 with a Mental Health Care Plan)
  • Full payment is required at the end of each session, and your rebate is processed at the clinic and will be refunded to your bank account registered with Medicare within 24 to 48 hours. Please note that a cancellation policy applies to all appointments.  If appointments are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the full fee for the session may apply.

  • Medicare benefits may apply if you have a valid referral from your GP or psychiatrist.

  • Please note that our clinic does not offer Bulk Billing.

What Do Your Fees Pay For?

Many non-billable out-of-session duties are routinely required, in addition to attending your appointment with us, including:

  • Session preparation

  • Record keeping

  • Scoring assessments

  • Writing letters to referrers or service providers

  • Correspondence with clients and stakeholders

  • Case-management and crisis-care

  • Research

  • Administrative and other professional duties

Professional premises, tools, therapy and assessment resources and experienced support staff are also provided. We also incur costs for mandatory professional registration and insurances, ongoing training and supervision, professional memberships, superannuation, and taxes, to be registered to practice and meet our business obligations to you.

Our services fees account for your time with a psychologist along with these additional business needs, ensuring we can provide you with the highest possible ethical and professional service.

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